Texas Coalition on Coerced Debt

Region Served: State of Texas
Lead Organization: Texas Council on Family Violence
Date Established: 2019

Contact Person: Mona Muro, Coalition Coordinator
Email: texascoalitiononcoerceddebt@gmail.com

Coalition Summary:

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid and its key partners, Texas Appleseed, Texas Council on Family Violence, and Texas Legal Services Center, have established the Texas Coalition on Coerced Debt (TCCD) to address identity theft occurring to victims of intimate partner violence (IPV). Specifically, victims of IPV experience identity theft, when, for example, an abuser uses the personal information of a victim to take out credit in the name of the victim without their knowledge and/or permission. This type of theft is a specific form of economic abuse utilized by an intimate partner abuser to exert control over their victims. Victims of intimate partner identity theft receive letters, calls, and notices attempting to collect debts incurred by their abusers long after they have safely separated. Additionally, victims continue to suffer the negative credit consequences for an even longer period of time as a result of the reporting of these debts.

TCCD will bring together service providers, legal advocates, law enforcement, and financial institutions as key stakeholders who can provide enhanced assistance to victims of intimate partner violence suffering from identity theft as economic abuse. Through a series of in-person meetings, webinars, and conference calls, TRLA and its key partners will provide training and lend expertise to service providers, victim advocates, consumer protection advocates, financial institutions, and law enforcement. These will focus on identifying and addressing identity theft as economic abuse to enable victims to restore themselves financially.

In 2019 the Texas Council on Family Violence became the lead organization for this coalition

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