Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council

Michigan Older Adults Identity Theft Victims Coalition

Region Served: State of Michigan
Lead Organization: Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council, Elder Law of Michigan
Date Established: 2016
Contact Person:  Ron Tatro: Director, Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council
Phone: (517) 853-2399
Email: rtatro@mielderjustice.org
Website: www.mielderjustice.org

Coalition Summary:

The Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council (MIEJCC), a program of Elder Law of Michigan, brings together over forty community-based elder abuse prevention groups throughout the State of Michigan. These groups comprise of diverse community partners including law enforcement, protective services, civil legal services, and human services. The MIEJCC will be partnering with the Michigan Attorney General Office, the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, and the Michigan Elder Justice Initiative to support community partners in educating and supporting older victims of identity theft.

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