Massachusetts Elder Identity Theft Coalition

Massachusetts Elder Identity Theft Coalition

Region Served: Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Lead Organization: Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Date Established:  2016
Contact Person: Mila Mignosa: Coalition Coordinator, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Phone: (617) 963-2088

Coalition Summary:

The Massachusetts Elder Identity Theft Coalition Program Coordinator will bring non-profit organizations, state agencies, and local law enforcement together to create an Elder Identity theft Coalition focused on serving elder victims of identity theft. The Coalition has three primary goals: (1) to train Advocates to assist elders who have been victims of identity theft, including detailed trainings related to helping victims create an identity theft recovery plan; (2) to educate elders to be proactive in protecting their identity, particularly when family members have access to their personal information; and (3) to raise awareness among businesses that are sometimes used unwittingly in the perpetration of identity theft to help prevent it.

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