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Why Join an Identity Theft Coalition?

By becoming a member of a coalition, your agency or organization has the opportunity to help make a positive impact on victim services available in your own community by better addressing the rights and needs of victims of identity theft and cyber-crime. These coalitions are compiled of members who are dedicated to enhancing and growing victim service capabilities through collaboration, training, and outreach within their own organization, coalition, and nationwide.

How to Become a Member of an Existing Coalition

To have your agency or organization become a member of an existing coalition, contact the leader organization of the coalition to verify their membership criteria and process. Before contacting a current coalition, it’s important to think about and research what has been done on this issue before and what is (or is not) happening currently in your community or region. Understanding the history and landscape of the issue in your area – before you contact potential partners – is key. This will allow you to know what disparities exist with current victim services, and will give you a better idea of the resources and support you need to enhance your ability to address these issues.

Below is a current listing of active coalitions:

Finger Lakes Elder Abuse and Identity Theft Coalition

Region Served: Monroe County (Rochester, NY) and surrounding counties

Identity Theft Advocacy Network (ITAN) of Colorado; Colorado Identity Theft Victim Assistance Program

Region Served: State of Colorado

South Carolina Identity Theft Network

Region Served: State of South Carolina

Cybercrime Support Network of West Michigan

Region Served: West Michigan (5 counties)

Minnesota Identity Theft & Cybercrime Information & Resource Network (MITCIRN)

Region Served: State of Minnesota

Michigan Older Adults Identity Theft Victims Coalition

Region Served: State of Michigan

The National Cybersecurity Society

Region Served: United States and its territories

Iowa Identity Theft Victim Assistance Coalition 

Region Served: State of Iowa

Massachusetts Elder Identity Theft Coalition

Region Served: Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Georgia Identity Theft and Cybercrime Coalition

Region Served: State of Georgia

New Mexico Office of the Attorney General (NMOAG) Identity Theft Coalition

Region Served: State of New Mexico

Texas Coalition on Coerced Debt

Region Served: State of Texas

Onondaga County Elder Identity Theft Coalition

Region Served: Onondaga County (Syracuse, NY)

Indigenous Crime Victim Services Referral and Resource Center’s (ICVSRRC) Identity Theft and Cybercrime Program

Region Served: Federally Recognized Tribes within the State of Washington