Identity Theft Advocacy Network of Colorado

Identity Theft Advocacy Network (ITAN) of Colorado; Colorado Identity Theft Victim Assistance Program

Region Served: State of Colorado

Established: 2011

Lead Organization: Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Contact Person: Hazel Heckers: Victim Assistance and Training Coordinator, Identity Theft, Fraud & Cybercrimes Investigations Unit

Phone: 24 Hour ID Theft & Fraud Hotline: 1-855-443-3489 (toll free)



Coalition Summary:

The Colorado ID Theft Victim Assistance Program, also known as the Identity Theft Advocacy Network of Colorado was established with the goal of providing coordinated comprehensive services and support for victims of Identity Theft and Fraud living in or victimized in the state of Colorado. A secondary goal of the coalition is to provide training resources for law enforcement and other professionals to ensure a well-educated, quality response in cases of ID theft and fraud; and to provide community educational programs regarding ID theft, fraud and prevention options to reduce the risk of victimization and/or re-victimization. This coalition provides support for crime victims, criminal justice/law enforcement agencies, victim assistance organizations, medical professionals, foster care specialists and many other related professions. Our 24 Hour Hotline is used by crime victims and professionals to gain support, services, referrals and advice.

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