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1) How do I start a coalition?

A coalition is started by a leader organization, who is competitively selected as a sub-grantee under the NITVAN grant. Prospective sub-grantees will submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to be considered for selection. The submission and review process will occur in 2017 from March 3rd to May 3rd, with the award recipients announced in June. The same process will occur in 2018, with a specific time frame to be announced at a later date.

2) How do I join an existing coalition?

To become a member of an existing coalition you would contact the leader organization of the coalition to verify the membership criteria and process. A current listing of active coalitions and their leader organizations is available under Join a Coalition.

3) How do I know if there is a coalition already working in my area?

A list is published of the currently active coalitions and the regions they service, which can be found under Join a Coalition.

4) I am a victim, how can I get help?

You can reach out to the coalition that services your area for assistance. The list of active coalitions can be accessed under Join a Coalition. You may also find helpful information under the Resources section. If there is not an active coalition for your region or state, you can contact the Identity Theft Resource Center for assistance.